Configuring AmeriGlide Infinity Curved Stair Lift

AmeriGlide Infinity Curved Stair Lift
  • Weight Capacity 

  • Seat Color 

  • Control Location 

    • We can put the controls on either arm to suit you.

  • Optional Seat Features 

    •     $0.00
    •   Extra Parking Call/Send Remote  [$206.00 each]
$7,199.00Base Price
Weight Capacity
Standard (275 lbs capacity)$0.00
Seat Color
Beige (Standard)$0.00
Control Location
Controls on Left Arm$0.00
Optional Seat Features
Wireless Radio Call/Send Remote$0.00
Retractable Seatbelt$0.00
Top Landing Options
Standard Top Landing$0.00
Bottom Landing Options
Standard Bottom Landing$0.00
Measurement and Installation+$1,275.00
CAD Service - A $2500 CAD Cost Will be Charged if the Stairlift Order is Cancelled$0.00