Configuring Stratos 750 AC Portable

Stratos 750 AC Portable
  • Lifting Height 

  • Crating 

    • 36" x 48" or 36" x 54" Platform

    • 36" x 60" or 42" x 54" Platform - Requires Extra Large Crate

  • Tower Orientation 

    • Tower On The Left  $0.00
    • Tower On The Right  $0.00
  • Power Source 

$7,950.00Base Price
Lifting Height
53" Max Lift Height$0.00
No Crating$0.00
Tower Orientation
Tower On The Left$0.00
Power Source
AC Powered$0.00
Platform Type
36" x 54" Straight Thru (34" Usable Width)$0.00
Platform Access
Straight Thru$0.00
Upper Platform Gate
Left Swing$0.00
Optional Lower Platform Gate
No Lower Platform Gate$0.00
Platform Controls
Paddle Controls with Emergency Stop Button$0.00
Platform Options
Solid Platform with Safety Pan$0.00
Inside Grab Bar$0.00
Automatic Ramp$0.00
Delivery State
Delivery Outside of the United States [Call for Pricing]$0.00