Stair Lift Measurement Guide

Measuring your stairs for a Stair lift is not a difficult job. You will need a good metal tape measure and a pen or pencil to record your measurements. Please print this page for use as a reference throughout the measuring process.

The most important step for stair lift installation is to decide which side of your stairwell you want the stair lift on. To avoid confusion, please stand at the bottom of your stairs and look up at the top of the stairs. Which side will the stair lift go on, the left or the right? Many stair lifts can be installed on the same side as the banister and can even be installed where there is no wall because the stair lift attaches to the floor.

After deciding which side you will mount your stair lift on (looking from the bottom to the top), please follow these instructions for accurate measurements. We recommend that you follow the advice to always "measure twice". Please note that all  measurements should be recorded in inches.

Measurement 1: This is the most important measurement. Stand at the top of stairs and extend your tape measure down to the landing, letting it rest on edge of each tread along the way. Make sure the tape does not sag or bend along the way. Record the distance from the edge of the upper landing to where the end of the tape measure rests on the landing at the bottom of the stairs. 

Measurement 2: Measure from the edge of the upper landing (like Measurement 1) to the edge of the first stair's tread at the bottom. 

Measurement 3: Measure the width of your stair's treads. 

Measurement 4: Measure from the edge of the first stair at the bottom to the wall (or door), if there is one. 

Measurements 5: Measure the height of one step.

Measurements 6: Measure the length of one stair  tread.

Measurements 7: Measure from the edge of one step to the edge of the next step.  Make sure not to let your tape measure sag.  This step helps confirm step 5 and 6.

Measurements 8: Measure from the top step to the nearest door, wall or other obstruction at the top of the stairs.

Measurement 1
Measurement 2
Measurement 3
Measurement 4
Measurement 5 through 6
Measurement 7
Measurement 8